JUGAS Scholarships

To mark our 40th Anniversary in 2010, JUGAS launched the JUGAS Education and Cultural Exchange Fund (JECF) with the primary objectives or promoting education and cultural exchanges between Singapore and Japan. One of the key initiative under the JECF is to provide opportunities for promising Singaporean students to further their studies in Japan through various scholarship scheme in collaboration with external organisations.

We are pleased to inform you that JUGAS now offering the following scholarships:



JUGAS/Nagoya University Scholarship

A joint initiative between JUGAS and Nagoya University, this scholarship offers high potential Singaporeans an opportunity to study at Nagoya University under the Global 30 Undergraduate International Programs. There are in total 5 different programs offered by 9 different schools available for applicants to choose from. School term starts in October.

JUGAS/University of Tokyo Supplementary Scholarship 

A joint initiative between JUGAS and the University of Tokyo, this scholarship sponsors the return air tickets for deserving Singaporean students who are accepted into selected PEAK (Program in English at Komaba) Programs offered at the University of Tokyo.
Please feel free to contact our secretariat (secretariat@jugas.org.sg) if you have any questions regarding the scholarships on offer.

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