JUGAS/Nagoya University Scholarship 2013

The Nagoya University/Japan University Graduates Association of Singapore Scholarship for 2013 intake is now open for application.

An initiative jointly funded by JUGAS through the JUGAS Education and Cultural Exchange Fund and Nagoya University, this scholarship offers high potential Singaporeans an opportunity to study at Nagoya University under the Global 30 Undergraduate International Programs.

Information regarding the Global 30 International Undergraduate Program, Nagoya University and Nagoya City can be found at the NU Global 30 website at http://admissions.g30.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/Program/undergraduate/.

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Scholarship Benefits

  1. Each recipient can expect to receive up to a maximum of JPY500,000 per year.
  2. Recipients will be considered for receiving up to 100% tuition waiver on top of the scholarship allowance.
  3. One-way economy class airline ticket from Singapore to Chubu International Airport and a return economy-class ticket upon graduation (if applicable).
  4. Application fee and registration fee, costing a total of JPY 287,000 (about SGD 4,900), will be fully covered by JUGAS.

Eligibility for Application

  1. Applicants must satisfy all admissions eligibility criteria as stipulated under “Eligibility for Admission” of the “2013 Intake Admission Requirements” document (http://admissions.g30.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/media/2013Eng_UG_Admission.pdf)
  2. Applicants must be Singapore Citizens.


Programs of Study




Automotive Engineering

School of Engineering

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Course)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Engineering (Electrical, Electronic /Information Engineering Course)

Fundamental and Applied Physics

School of Science


School of Engineering

Physical Science and Engineering


School of Science


School of Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biological Sciences

School of Science

Biological Science

School of Agricultural Sciences

Applied Biosciences

Social Sciences

School of Law

Law and Political Science

School of Economics

Economics and Business Administration

Terms and Conditions

  1. Selected recipients must matriculate at Nagoya University on 1 October 2013, with the intention of completing the program at Nagoya University. Unlesscompassionate grounds are substantiated, recipients who fail to meet this condition will have toindemnify JUGAS a penalty fee of S$1,000 plus of all costs already incurred.
  2. Scholarship will be terminated for a recipient in the following cases and the recipient may be ordered to return scholarship payments received up to the point of termination.
    • If any of his/her application documents is found to be falsely stated;
    • If he/she is subjected to disciplinary action by Nagoya University, such as expulsion or removal from register;
    • If becomes definitive that he/she will not be able to complete his/her
      course within the standard course term because of his/her poor academic
      achievement or suspension;
    • If his/her resident status of “College Student” changes to any other status;
    • If a recipient receives additional scholarship from other governmental
      and/or private sources equivalent to or greater than JPY500,000 per
  3. Upon completion of their studies, recipients are required to join JUGAS
    as a Life member. Currently, life membership is a one-off payment of

Application Process and Dateline

  1. As the NU/JUGAS Scholarship accepts only paper-based application, please download the application form (http://db.tt/ngjfDHY4) and prepare the required documents as stipulated under the V. Application Procedure section of the “2013 Intake Admission Requirements” document.
  2. No payment is required at this stage of application. NU/JUGAS Scholarship applicants are also only required to pay the application fee upon successful application.
  3. Submit application to JUGAS Secretariat, either by hand or by post before closing date. Please do not submit online at the NU Global 30 website.

    JUGAS Secretariat

    14 Yan Kit Road

    Singapore 088266

    Tel: 6459-5084

    FAX: 6459-5084

    Attn: Ms. Doris Tan

    EMAIL: secretariat@jugas.org.sg

    (JUGAS will move to the above premise with effect of 1 December 2012)

    Due to the additional pre-selection process by JUGAS, application shall close earlier at:

    Closing Date: 21stDecember 2012 (Friday)

  4. Applicants, who have passed the initial round of selection, will be scheduled for interviews by JUGAS in end December 2012.


Yee Jenn En

Scholarship Sub-Committee


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