Nihongo De Asbou 2014

Nihongo de Asobou 2014 日本語で遊ぼう

25th October 2014,  8:30am ~ 1:30pm

Ministry of Education Language Centre (Bishan Campus)

 JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore) successfully organized the「日本語で遊ぼう2014」for the 14th time.

There were 76 applications and although 4 did not turn up, we had 72 participants for the event. The participants were mainly students ranging from 13 to 21 years old and there were 2 non-student participants this year. In addition to students from MOELC, most other participants are from the Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic.

The teachers who designed the games this year, as with last year, were from the Japanese Schools in Singapore (Clementi and Changi campuses of the Primary School and the Secondary School) and MOELC. Owing to teachers of the Japanese Secondary School had to be involved in another event this year, members of JUGAS ran the game designed by those teachers on their behalf.

H.E. Ambassador and Mrs Haruhisa Takeuchi, Ambassador of Japan to Singapore, came to grace the event, giving great encouragement to the participants and all involved.

The participants were divided into 8 teams that competed in 4 games, namely, Game 1: コトバツクール, Game 2: 文字並べ替えゲーム&連想ゲーム, Game 3:  ひらがなパズルゲーム and Game 4: いろはカルタで遊ぼう. Each game was held in one classroom and each team would have visited all 4 classrooms to complete all the games. Prizes were awarded to the top 5 teams on the scoreboard.

To get participants to warm up to each other at the beginning of the event, teachers from the Changi campus led the participants in a warming-up game to get participants familiarized with Japanese expressions of instruction. Miss Kaoru Onishi, a teacher of the MOELC and Miss Tomoe Urakawa, a teacher of the Changi campus were the Masters of Ceremony.

There was great excitement as participants shuttle from classroom to classroom to give off their best to score for their respective teams. Many participants took photos with the teachers after the event. The participants were very eager to apply the Japanese expressions they have learnt in their respective schools to excel in this fun-filled game-playing environment.

In addition to the efforts of members of JUGAS and the teachers of the Japanese schools and MOELC, this year, we had the invaluable sponsorship from the Toshiba International Foundation.

We received highly positive feedback from the participants, thanks to the teachers in MOELC, Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic for coordinating this effort. Participants commented that they have learnt new vocabulary, developed greater interest in the Japanese language, put to use what they have learnt in school, widen their knowledge about Japanese culture through playing the games and making new friends.

We certainly look forward to continuous support from the Japanese Schools, MOELC and other educational institutions in Singapore to hold this event in 2015 as well. We also hope to have the support of sponsors to donate in kind or in cash so that we would be able to provide meaningful prizes for participants next year.

Organized by:

  • JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore)

Sponsored by:

  • Toshiba International Foundation

Supported by:

  • The Embassy of Japan in Singapore
  • MOELC (Ministry of Education Language Centre, Singapore)
  • The Japanese Schools, Singapore
  • Japanese Association, Singapore
  • JALTAS (Japanese Language Teachers’ Association in Singapore)
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